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Tunis Road km 10, El Ons City, Technopark of Sfax

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Mon - FRI: 8.00 to 17.00

System Test of Body ECU


Design and Implement a cost-effective test environment for Body and comfort functionalities in the vehicle. The system allows full- and semi-automatic test execution and offer a remote interface for configuration, calibration and test campaign management.


  • Developed a HiL (Hardware in the Loop) test automation solution which cover all needed bus systems and provided test HW digital/analog inputs/outputs of the DUT (Device Under Test).
  • Resistance decade for simulation of a sensor
  • Measurements of outputs signals, voltage, current, PWM measurements
  • Simulate the Battery, voltage range, current measurement
  • Electronic load for actuators simulation

Impact/ business value/results

  • Early testing concept, fast test results delivery
  • Accelerating test process via simulation
  • Ease of access to information about test results and reporting
  • Easy modification of test parameters
  • Highly configurable environment allows flexible adaptation to the customer change requests
  • High quality of test through an intelligent testcase generation, execution and pre-analysis procedure