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Tunis Road km 10, El Ons City, Technopark of Sfax

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Mon - FRI: 8.00 to 17.00

Primatec Academy

“Every day, we dream, we experiment, we challenge and have fun while scaling to the most innovative and emerging set of skills and technologies”
Mr. Sabeur Ajili, CEO Primatec engineering
To keep pace with this fast changing and innovative technologies, Primatec Academy is providing professional automotive development and testing training programs, providing our talents with the opportunity to build a successful career and acquire a lifelong set of consulting skills.

THE MISSION: Attract talents to help us shape the future

Believing that talent management is the foundation upon which we build a successful business, we are thriving to:
Leverage employee’s professional aspiration; Primatec career path concept takes into account individual career desires and encourages specific capabilities, giving the possibility of further development internally.
Whether you work on a technical project or management career path, Primatec Academy, our internal continuing education academy, is providing our collaborators with professional education and training, as well as opportunities to ready themselves for new projects, roles or assignments.

OUR SPIRIT: Continuous learning

Believing that there is an enormous hidden potential in continuous learning.
We support and encourage the ongoing personal and technical development of our employees, in addition to automotive development and testing training sessions, we are also working with methods such as coaching and mentoring, and we offer numerous on-the-job training courses.
In addition to our regular training sessions, we offer tailored courses to answer to specific needs and requirements of our collaborators to enable quick reaction and efficiency to changing challenges.
Continuous learning in a pleasant atmosphere, engaging participants within group open discussions and using real case examples: these are the reasons why our trainees frequently assess our courses and trainer’s performance at the level “very good”.

OUR PROMISE: Career acceleration through combining theoretical training

In an international and professional environment, our employees will be mentored applying the latest in-class and on-the-job training methods created to supplement their academic background. Primatec Academy empowers our collaborators and streamline their mentoring to upgrade their knowledge and skills to achieve escalation and higher job positions.

Primatec academy Program is designed to offer

In addition to our seminar offerings, we develop individualized and custom-made modular training courses and programs. We believe in efficient methods of learning, enabling application to real life situations and supporting sustainable success.
Having feedback’s evaluation for every module from our trainees, and the effectiveness of our trainee in their assignments, helps us continuously improve our training strategy to provide the most valuable content.

Primatec Academy Program is designed to cover: OUR CORE COMPETENCES

  • This essential course covers agile manifesto, principles, and culture of agile testing within the organization with focus on scrum framework. It’s the ideal preparation to join scrum teams and working in an agile environment including:
    • Scrum theory and principles
    • The Scrum Framework
    • The Definition of Done
    • Running a Scrum project
    • Working with people and teams
    • Different roles: Scrum Master, Product Owner
    • Scrum in the organization
    • Scrum Events
    • Scrum Artifacts
    • Introduction to automotive software development & testing
      • AUTOSAR training session: Fundamentals of Automotive
      • Buses Training session: Buses Overview and Message catalog
    • ISTQB certification course (with the link to the page ISTQB)
    • Putting theory into practice through didactic model
Program under review!

Trainees’ feedback

“Communication, examples from the reality, games, and the share of information are the most important factors that accelerate the Learning sessions”
Automotive tester
“Games and workshops make learning much easier. Especially in this module we dealt with several games that illustrate scrum and Agile methodology.”
Automotive tester
“The examples used in this course were very helpful and they help us to understand the topic. In this course we had a workshop of diagnostic. It helped me, as a member of xPAD team, to apply what I learned in my domain.”
Automotive tester
”What drives us forward is the diversity of our opinions and the diversity of our ideas, in addition to using realistic examples and experiences in understanding the contents.”
Automotive tester