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Head Office

Tunis Road km 10, El Ons City, Technopark of Sfax

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Mon - FRI: 8.00 to 17.00


Primatec Academy, offers certification-oriented training sessions

The ISTQB® Certification is the international standard for software testing professionals, it is today considered as the worldwide recognition and one of the most successful IT certification schemes ever.

At Primatec, we are working on continuous ISTQB® certification for testers and developers to ensure that the syllabi always reflect state of the art methods in software testing.

Who will benefit from attending the ISTQB® Certification Tester training courses?

Certificates are excellent proof of qualification for IT specialists from all industries. Apart from classic software testers (test managers, test analysts, test automation specialists, etc.), employees from project managers, QA representatives and developers also expand their testing knowledge through ISTQB® trainings.

Certification scheme

To respond effectively to the need to upgrade our employees standardized skills, we established Primatec academy internally providing certification-oriented courses and mentoring programs across different careers path. Each module can be completed with attending a certification exam.

The ISTQB® Certified Tester will support our professional software testing on three consecutive levels: Foundation, Advanced and Expert and in three streams: core, agile and specialist!

Training sessions to offer

  • Foundation training session: Fundamentals of Automotive Software Testing
    • Objectives, terms, and principles of software testing
    • The testing process
    • Test levels
    • Test types
    • Dynamic and static test techniques
    • Testing in the software lifecycle
    • Test automation concepts and tools
  • Advanced training session: Test Management
    • Management of functional and non-functional tests
    • Risk-oriented test, test planning, estimation of the test effort
    • Test documentation
    • Test control and monitoring, metrics
    • Rules and standards for the test management (i. a. IEEE 829, IEEE 1028, IEEE 1044,ISO 9126, ISO 25000, ISO 15504)
    • Reviews
    • Defect management
    • Assessing the testing process capabilities
    • People skills
    • Tools selection
  • Advanced training session: Technical Test Automation Engineer
    • Purpose, objectives and success factors for test automation
    • Design and development of test automation architecture and solution
    • Prepare test automation strategy
    • Code reviews
    • Test analysis
    • Test Automation logging, reporting, and metrics
    • Continuous Improvement of automation architecture and solution
  • Expert training session: Test Process Improvement
    • Test Improvement plan (setting priorities, developing an improvement approach, planning for improvements,.., learning from the improvement
    • program)
    • Managing change (change management process, human factors)
    • Organization roles and skills
    • Critical success factors (key success factors, setting a culture for improvement