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Tunis Road km 10, El Ons City, Technopark of Sfax

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Mon - FRI: 8.00 to 17.00

Vehicle Body and Comfort electronics testing

Today, automotive software is getting increasingly complex due to the competitive pressure to provide increasingly improved quality, safety, luxury, and economy. Therefore, Electronic control units (ECUs) and controller algorithms in cars increase, vehicles are becoming more and more complex, and development and testing of vehicle components become time consuming.
Primatec has paved the way for innovation in heavy-duty vehicle ECU testing and provided highly intuitive end-to-end automotive testing services and solutions for an extensive range of Body and comfort electronics ECUs.

Car access

  • Confort access
  • Central locking system
  • Smart access (via smart phones, comfort key tracking…)
  • Remote parking control
  • Crash functions


  • Windshield wipers and washers systems
  • Climate control and air conditioning system
  • Seat adjustment and belt bringer
  • Power closures
  • Window lifter and sunblinds


  • Interior lights control: panoramic roofs, ambient lights, functional lights, vision access lights, …
  • Exterior lights control: low and high beam control, dynamic lights, welcome and goodbye lights, parking lights, …


  • Reservation function via online App
  • Vehicle business states
  • Vehicle access (via authentication device “NFC card” or “Smartphone”)
  • Driver detection and vehicle checks functions
  • Remote software update “RSU” and emergency updates “OTA”


  • Interior mirror
  • Electric adjustable steering column and Multi-function steering wheel
  • Audio control unit
  • Sensors of fuel level, rain light, coolant level and height
  • Wireless charging Ablage
  • Head unit functions including customer profiles

Energy management

  • Immobilizer
  • Intelligent power distribution box
  • Terminal control
  • Parking-Residing-Driving (PWF)
  • Vehicle configuration management
  • Network and ECU lifecycle management (sleep, wakeup, ..)
  • Energy supply system and flexible energy power management

Our expertise and technological resources, earned from more than 10 years working on projects for some premium OEMs like BMW and Audi, allow us to implement even the most complex test requirements in a durable and reliable package.

Contact us to know more about our testing capabilities and key projects.