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About us

We believe!
To meet the challenges of an increasingly complex automotive context, Primatec relieves its customers to enroll end to end ECU testing services, from test environment development, test automation to issuing complete test reports and reviews. Driven by AI and ML technologies, our intelligent testing solutions and automation service is comprehensive and scalable, delivered in a flexible business model that enables clients improve the product quality, accelerate service delivery, and increase our customers competitiveness.
Collective intelligence consists of combining the diversity of expertise of our teams and making a good synergy with our customers and partners teams thriving efficiency and excellence. Agility allows us to capitalize on our experiences and reinvent ourselves with each mission with pragmatism and humility.

We are at Primatec

An ambitious group of engineers, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Together, we create technology to take on today’s challenges to meet proficiency in ECU testing generated by the distruptive trends in automotive electronics essentially in mobility, connectivity and autonomy.


    Testing of complex ECUs
    From test management to test specifications, test development (including customization or provision of SW test environment), as well as test execution, fault finding support with the developer.
    Development of test environment and tools
    Through our testing projects, we are constantly developing testing tools for that stands behind our testing services. We also bring these to their maturity phase and produce such tools for our customers.
    Test automation
    and frameworks development
    Our development teams are continuously investing on offering test automation solutions that shorten time to market, reduce cost, improve quality and provide better efficiency in supprting short testing cycle.
    Developing SW products for testing, logging, system analysis and performance checks
    We develop tools for the testing of electronic control units. Many of our devices are already capable of transferring Gigabit transfer rates. Currently we work on the 10 Gigabit versions of our products.


    Innovation for Growth/ keep us with the latest technologies
    As an expert company in ECU testing, it’s vital that we invest to stay ahead on key emerging technologies. We stay on top of the latest innovations and technologies such as connected cars and autonomous driving. Our solutions and engineers are open to all market-relevant operating systems and standards like AUTOSAR/Adaptive Autosar, CAN FD, Ethernet to deliver very innovative solution.
    To meet the increasing ECUs of the EV and autonomous driving
    We are conducting Deep market and field research in order to improve and adapt our testing methods and technics to meet the disruptive automotive software development that will produce highly sophisticated ECUs that will provide more safety, comfort, faster Invehicle Networks, autonomous driving, … are some examples of exciting things ahead.
    Full automation
    The high level of test automation (95% our test are running automatically) we are offering have proven efficiency in supporting short testing cycle that shorten time to market, reduce cost and improve quality.
    Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
    Primatec portfolio of intelligent test and automation solutions and services helps customers boost time-to-market by reducing test cycles and business risk and improving product quality and operational efficiency.

Primatec is compliant with European GDPR regulations which came into effect in May 2018. These regulations stipulate how companies and their employees must ensure that personal data has accurate protection measures in place when used by companies and other organizations. All Primatec employees, suppliers and clients are required to document all processes and to protect personal data when handling and sharing such data.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, joining over 9000 businesses and non-business participants across 135 countries in the world’s leading and largest corporate sustainability initiative, Primatec Engineering strongly upholds the values of inclusive growth that encompasses all sections of society, environment and economy.

Primatec has been committed to supporting the United Nations Global Compact and applying its 10 principles. Accordingly, our campany has been using the Sustainable Development Goals to guide its CSR strategy in order to better respond to the challenges of today’s world.

Standards and certifications

Primatec is continuously working on quality processes and apply them to its rules and activities to meet major certifications and standards compliance required by the automotive industry.
We comply–where applicable–with the following standards:

Quality management:

Management by process is an essential principle of our Quality Management System. It provides the framework for attaining and maintaining Automotive SPICE compliance, measuring performance, and continuing to achieve customer satisfaction.

Information security

ISO 27001:2013

Functional safety

ISO 26262