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Head Office

Tunis Road km 10, El Ons City, Technopark of Sfax

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Mon - FRI: 8.00 to 17.00

Primatec Engineering
From the concept through prototyping to testing and validation

Primatec provides engineering services, consulting and support for ECU testing in the automotive industry.

Our approach

The cross-process approach of Primatec cutting edge testing methods and its reliable test software solutions make a significant contribution to the quality and reliability in a very sophisticated and diversified automobile components testing.

Mr. Sabeur AJILI

CEO and Founder of Primatec
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or make a call to +216 39 152 300

Area of expertise

Body & Comfort

  • Body & Control electronics, Car Access, Comfort functions, light, Entertainment,…
  • Energy Management
  • Car Sharing Module

In vehicle Networks

  • Automotive Ethernet
  • Other Bus Systems
  • Gateways

Functional Safety And Security

  • Functional Safety ISO 26262
  • Automotive security

Our services

Continuous Test and Validation Environment

Driven by AI and ML technologies, our intelligent testing and automation frameworks provide a prescriptive analytics approach for test-case generation and optimization, improving code quality and test coverage, and reducing defects and accelerating their detection through the exploitation of the risk assessment results in the selection of the tests to be executed during the continuous validation cycle.

  • Right defects at the right time
  • Right feedback at the right time
  • Technical and emotional confidence of our customers, based on history and trust
  • Technical excellence based on experience with many generations of products


Full Automation

Innovation for Growth/ keep us with the latest technologies

Utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)

Apply and scale our proven testing expertise and technics to meet the increasing ECUs of the EV et autonomous driving


Testing of complex ECUs

Development of test environment and tools

Test automation frameworks development

Developing SW products for testing, logging, system analysis and performance checks

Key figures

Experienced &
Professional team
0 +
More than 250 employees working in testing programs and projects.
Focus on test automation
0 K
More than 100.000 automated test scenarios
Early finding of failures and defects
0 M
More than 1 million test results are analyzed per year

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